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We offer a 3 year Flat Rate Gas Program that protects you from volatile natural gas prices.

No Cost to enroll.








Utility Commodity Program Price Term
Pacific Gas and Electric Natural Gas Flat Rate Eco Gas Program1 $29.99/month2 36 months
Pacific Gas and Electric Natural Gas Flat Rate Gas Program1 $24.99/month2 36 months

We will offset 25% of the natural gas carbon footprint elimination, and in partnership with American Forests, will plant a tree, as part of this program to reduce emissions.3

1 Programs valid for customers with basic gas service consumption not less than 150 therms per year and up to 500 therms per year.
Please call for further details.

2 For commodity supply cost only; customer is still responsible for all other utility bill charges.

3 Eco Gas footprint tonnage is dependent upon household usage. Please call for further details.